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*links provided to books in catalog – digital copies may be available as well

The brave learner : finding everyday magic in homeschool, learning, and life by Julie Bogart

The call of the wild + free : reclaiming wonder in your child’s education) by Ainsley Arment

Homeschooling for Dummies – new edition Sept 2020 

The Well-Trained Mind: A Guide to Classical Education at Home (4th edition) by Jessie Wise

Home learning year by year : how to design a creative and comprehensive homeschool curriculum by Rebecca Rupp

Unschooled : raising curious, well-educated children outside the conventional classroom  by Kerry McDonald

Free to learn : why unleashing the instinct to play will make our children happier, more self-reliant, and better students for life by Peter Gray

Jim Trelease’s read-aloud handbook – 8th edition (2019) 

Rethinking school : how to take charge of your child’s education by Susan Wise Bauer

Teaching from rest : a homeschooler’s guide to unshakeable peace by Sarah Mackenzie

Home grown : adventures in parenting off the beaten path, unschooling, and reconnecting with the natural world by Ben Hewitt

Online Resources

Massachusetts State Regulations for non-public education, including Home School can be found here: TheHomeSchoolMom is a guide to homeschool resources available online. The site contains homeschooling resources for new and veteran homeschoolers, and resources for homeschooling children with special needs. 2020 Homeschool curricula resource list for children with autism Commercial homeschooling resource that has FAQs, curriculum for PreK-12. Demos available on website. Evangelical Christian advocacy based organization with homeschool resources. Non-sectarian homeschool resources