Hope Bodwell
Library Director

Favorite Book/ Genre: Anything non-fiction! Love historical fiction, Pete Hamill and short stories too!
Favorite Food: The Slammin’ Salmon Sushi Roll from Hi-Life in NYC. Modern Pizza in New Haven. I could survive forever on sushi and good pizza.
Pets: The Jed Dog and Arlo Bunny Buns
Hobbies: Any outdoor activity, any time of the year! Listening to audio books while cooking.
Interesting Facts:
March Madness is my favorite time of year!
I would love to own a small music venue.

Rebecca Sawyer
Assistant Director

Favorite Book/ Genre: Sci-Fi, Horror, Fantasy, Biographical Non-Fiction
Favorite Food: Potatoes, of every variety
Pets: Four cats; Parsley, Moose, Sunset and Spencer. Two corgis; Cricket and Arwyn… and five chickens.
Hobbies: Crochet, hiking, sewing, miniatures, baking, napping
Interesting Facts:
I collect different printings/ editions of my favorite books and even have many in other languages, including Scottish and Japanese.
I’ve met R. L. Stine, a favorite childhood author.

Denise Newland
Children’s Librarian

Favorite Book/ Genre: Historical Fiction and Picture Books
Favorite Food: Cupcakes
Pets: 3 year old beagle, Remi
Hobbies: Reading, gardening, puzzles
Interesting Facts:
Studied abroad in Dublin, Ireland.
Once had a job giving tours of the Mapparium in Boston.

Katie Skillman
Library Page

Favorite Book/ Genre: Lonesome Dove/ Westerns, The Bible
Favorite Food: Steak
Pets: 1 cat, 1 dog, 3 chickens, 2 horses
Hobbies: Hiking, going to see musicals/ plays
Interesting Facts:
I bond well with cats.
I go to the Bridge Metrowest Church.

Sarah Thomas
Teen Coordinator/ Library Tecnichian

Favorite Book/ Genre: Fantasy, Science Fiction, Historical Non-Fiction
Favorite Food: Cheese, with a side of cheese
Pets: 2 cats, Shadow and Ghost
Hobbies: Reading, sewing, woodworking, travel, journalism, and fiction writing
Interesting Facts:
I have been published in a fiction anthology honoring the 50th anniversary of the moon landing.
One of these days I’ll make a perfect olive focaccia.

Kris Duclos
Office Administrator

Favorite Book/ Genre: Beneath a Scarlet Sky by Mark Sullivan
Favorite Food: Most things Italian; especially pasta dishes.
Pets: Sadly, we lost our 2 dogs this past year.
Hobbies: Love to cook, travel, read, play cards, and go to the beach.
Interesting Facts:
My husband and I lived in Moscow, Idaho while he finished getting his college degree. I enjoyed seeing and living in the Northwest for a while before returning to New England.

Sam Stevens
Library Technician

Favorite Book/ Genre: Historical Fiction and Non-Fiction
Favorite Food: New York strip and Chesapeake blue crab
Pets: A black Labrador and 2 Icelandic horses
Hobbies: Running, and rare book collecting
Interesting Facts:
Studied English Lit in the Lake District and Cork, Ireland.

Marissa Mansfield
Library Technician

Favorite Book/ Genre: Their Eyes Were Watching God. Historical Fiction
Favorite Food: Indian food
Pets: 2 dogs, Buster and Diva
Hobbies: Reading, photography, and thrift shopping
Interesting Facts: I can say the ABCs backwards